YuuKiKun, I need an answer of the princess for my life.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Japanese course, hope of my dream!.

In the next month the Japanese course start, in this year i'll go again. If i like to talk whit the princess i must prove that the princess is more important of my heart so i must study Japansese and Japanese's culture.

About of Japanese course:
  1. The classmate do not like the Japanese language and do not like the Japanese's culture too. Only like go to party all year and if someone like study they isolate at this person.
  2. They think that the teacher must have them norms, and they must pass the exman.
  3. etc ... .
Since see this ambient, do you study Japanese?, I study for the princess, altho the people do not like this ambient unless like the party in instead of learn Japanese.

I search my dream and i must struggle for be deserving of this dream.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

WeekEnd and cry!.

In the last week i called a friend of Japanese course and said that if He could talk whit the princess i was happy ;). My friend told me that when he could talk whit the princess about me.
But now arroud other weekend whit crying. A lot people thought that i stay a bit lovely but i think that my love are lost in Japan.
A new friends said that i must forget the princess but i can not forget her, i stay a bit incorrect or my heart only see the princesX.
Now i got to dinner becacuse in this weekend only see the TV and wait a princess.

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Come back!.

Then 14 days in Japan of sprint i did must to came back to my country again!. In this day i met a new friend this new fried was psychologist and in the next days of came back to spain the psychologist discover that i forgot my heart in Japan and help me!.
Now i can write to run encounter a forgiveness for the princess. A lot days i am a bit sad and cry too.

I think that a lot people do not like that the princess and me stay together or the princess stay molestation whit me about my hesitation. I can correct and stay all my life whit her if the princess like.

I can learn this thanks to my psychologist friend and the psychologist said that if love a princess i must risk and tell my feeling to get one answer.

And now i try that the princess conect to me for explain my feeling.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006





Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Princess, joy and desperation!

Hello again!, today i talk about the feeling .

When the person that i love call whit me or stay whit me i'm joy, but if the person that i love do not feel i stay hopeless!.

My psychologist said that if i keep the emotion i could be ravage. Now i feel sad altho my mind only see at princess and if the princess do not be on hand or the princess ........ .

I think that if she likes to talk with me, the live was happy for princess (her) and me.


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Travel to Japan.

This year i went to Japan "the promise of princess", but the princess did not like stay whit me. She had worry whit me, altho i do not said one reason.
I think that she likes OOO. I don't konw i must be a idiot, now i stay waiting any anwer for her, and this situation are more sorrow for me. A lot days i stay more unhappy and a lot weekend i do not like to go to party and this is more preoccupation.

In Japan i try to go to party but a lot days i did not like to go, altho another friends of Japan like to go to party whit them, so i went to party but only two days of 15 days that i staid in Japan.
In days that i staid in Japan i can see 東京、京都、大阪、川西市。In Japan staid more melancholy and i staid whit my friends i must smile. 只、一日私は嬉しいでした。姫の町は私が朗らかの子どもにいました。

I'd like return to Japan whit princess, but if princess don't like i mustn't go and this reason are more crushing of my live.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Why i choose this name?

I used this name becacuse i need a name that in Japan people can read whiout any problem.

I like the Japanese anime (manga), so i must use a name of one manga. This idea in a first moment is a good idea but if i used a name of manga all people think that i from Japan and this idea do not like for me, hence i think of culture in Japan and discover that in Japan the nature are very important in this society.
  • How can i used this notice? → I must use one word in Japanese that enunciate the nature and change a bit.
I think about the things and in this moment see this kanji () yuki, and see that one name in Japanese are yukito. Now only must change this name and my mind only see add one vocal so yuukito.
Now i see other problem...
  • This name are more serious, i must change? → Whit a bit of knowledge in Japanese language i must change to vulgar status.
Now i have a new name yuukito, but in this moment only i knew add the finish whit the particule in japanese () kun, so now the name are yuukitokun.

I am a young so i must change for this YuuKiKun.

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Why i write this blog?

This blog i must write becacuse the princess one year ago that i did not know about her.

This reason are that i write about my real status or my real life let alone her, so she can read my real feeling about her.

Now in spain i've a real present of my love for her. This present only i must deliver her.

Along of this blog i write gradually for her and common friends can see my lover for her.

I think that i don't a perfect human as perfect human do not exist, but i can be able to change, only she's tell me.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hello! I am YuuKiKun

Hello!!, my name is YuuKiKun. I'm a studient.
Two years ago i was found a one girl (princess), she is from Japan and this blog are a tribute for her.

She one year ago i can not call whit her so i stay unhappy!.

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